SOLAR-C Pre-Project Team launched in JAXA

Release:November 1, 2022

SOLAR-C logotype
Credit: Nagoya Univ./JAXA/NAOJ

Solar-C (EUVST), the 4th Competitively-chosen Middle-class mission, completed its Mission Definition Review in July 2022 and Project Preparation Review in September. Following this, the SOLAR-C Pre-Project Team was officially launched on November 1st. With the official participation of ESA, in addition to NASA and European space agencies (ASI, CNES, DLR, and SSO), a framework for international cooperation has been established. As the project is now launched as a JAXA-level project, we have decided to name it “SOLAR-C”, continuing the traditional name of ISAS scientific satellite series. The logotype has also been revised accordingly.

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