Selected at ISAS/JAXA as 4th Competitively-chosen Middle-class mission

Release:Jun. 8, 2020

EUVST as 4th Competitively-chosen Middle-class mission

The next-generation solar-observing satellite Solar-C (EUVST) was downselected at ISAS/JAXA for the 4th Competitively-chosen Middle-class mission, which was reported in the Basic Policy Subcommittee of the Committee on National Space Policy, Cabinet Office of Japan on June 2nd, 2020. Solar-C is continued to be developed for the coming mission definition review. Solar-C is JAXA's next-generation solar-observing satellite, which will close in on the mysteries of how the hot plasma is created and when and how the solar flares occur by analyzing the spectrum of the Sun's UV radiation. In close collaboration with the US and European parters, Japan's team is now developing the mission with the targeted launch of mid-2020s. For the details of the mission, visit the webpage [link].

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